Successful HCLS Face to Face Meeting

The W3C Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group recently had a very successful Face to Face meeting in Boston, U.S. Although a few of us were meeting F2F for the first time, we had worked together through teleconferences, irc, and e-mail. There were also a number of organizations represented, some of them for the first time, such as caBIG, Bio2RDF, NCBO, Mayo Clinic, and Ontotext, as well as a few organizations invited from BioIT World Expo to join us. Our two day agenda included talks by Maryann Martone and David de Roure, and can be seen here. Our sponsors were myExperiment and Elsevier Labs. All in all, it was good to be among friends and colleagues. The ideas and feedback that we gathered should result in renewed vigor among the task forces. Several other related events seem to show that Semantic Web is gaining mass: Shared Names meeting, Concept Web Alliance inaugural meeting, and the Semantic Web SIG at the PRISM Forum meeting.

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