HCLS Face to Face Meeting

Having grown to almost 100 participants and 6 active task forces, the HCLS IG will hold a Face to Face (F2F) meeting in the Stata Center in Boston on April 30 and May 1 (Thu and Fri), directly following the Bio-IT World Expo, as well as a Shared Names meeting that we helped to organize. We are excited to have Karen Skinner (NIH) and David De Roure (Southampton University/myExperiment) as invited speakers. We plan to take a close look at the opportunities for alignment and new activities within the HCLS IG. The latest demonstrations and prototype development have made participants aware of new possibilities for cooperation within the group. Participants are encouraged to add their names to the list of attendees on the F2F wiki page. Prospective members are requested to send e-mail to the co-chairs.

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