Welcome! The World Wide Web Consortium invites all who work within governments or those who work or engage with governments to participate in the many opportunities sponsored by W3C and the Web community.

W3C's eGovernment Activity currently offers speakers, discussion forums, educational information, and guidelines focused on helping governments to publish data in open, standards-based formats so that information can be more easily accessed on the Web.


eGovernment Interest Group to start meetings on 25 June 2008

June 17, 2008

The eGovernment Interest Group kick-off teleconference is scheduled for 25 June 2008. If you are still considering participation in this Group, this is a good opportunity to decide in order to join the work from the very beginning. Please see the separate page on participation and the FAQ if you have questions. More information and practicalities were posted to the public list. If you just want to stay informed, you can subscribe to the list and the syndication feed.

Posted by: José Manuel Alonso at 8:10 pm categories: IG

Please, send any comments related to the items above to the eGovernment Interest Group public mailing list <public-egov-ig@w3.org> (archive)

eGovernment is the use of the Web and other information technologies by governments to interact with the citizenry, between departments and divisions, and with other governments.



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