EDUPUB: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education

W3C has the pleasure of co-sponsoring the following event:

 EDUPUB: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education
  29-30 October 2013, Boston, USA
 (See also the call for participation)

The event is organized by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

Digital content in general, and electronic books in particular, are becoming extremely important for tomorrow’s educational market, where electronic books, using EPUB 3 format, and based largely on W3C’s Open Web Platform, have a central role to play in possibly replacing traditional textbooks. Participants at this event will look at the challenges, including the technical requirements, in creating such educational materials.

The event is closely connected to W3C’s new Digital Publishing Activity. Indeed, the results of the meeting will also provide valuable input to the Digital Publishing Interest Group’s.

About Ivan Herman

Ivan Herman is the leader of the Digital Publishing Activity at W3C. For more details, see

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