Linked Data Platform WG Open Meeting

A special open meeting of the W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group to discuss potential future work for the group. The deliverable from the workshop will be a report that the LDP WG will take into consideration as it plans its way forward.

LDP offers an alternative vision to data lockdown, providing a clean separation between software and data, so access to the data is simple and always available. If you run a business, using LDP means your vital data isn’t locked out of your reach anymore. Instead, every LDP data server can be accessed using a standard RESTful API, and every LDP-based application can be integrated. If you develop software, LDP gives you a chance to focus on delivering value while respecting your customer’s overall needs. If you are an end user, LDP software promises to give you choice and freedom in the new online world.

So how will this vision become reality? LDP 1.0 has recently become a W3C Recommendation, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Come join the conversation about where we are and what happens next, on April 21st in San Francisco.

See the event wiki page for details.

One Response to Linked Data Platform WG Open Meeting

  1. Could this meeting be an opportunity to consider the alignment of LDP with standards for user managed access to data and services, like UMA by If the ambition is the following: “If you are an end user, LDP software promises to give you choice and freedom in the new online world.” Then I guess there is a need for some sort of mechanism to ensure that my data is only shared with my consent and that I can stay in control with who uses my data and for what. So while LDP can ensure the data from different sources will be interoperable when combined, some sort of UMA must be adopted to give me an easy and legal way of combining the data about me from the different sources.

    “The purpose of the UMA Work Group (charter) is to develop specs that let an individual control the authorization of data sharing”

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