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W3C Website redesign: Update to the project site; opening discussions on GitHub

For the remainder of the 2020 W3C website redesign project, we are moving to share documents by default on the W3C website redesign project mini site and marking as such any draft documents, and moving discussions to GitHub, where I will monitor and funnel questions and feedback from the W3C community to Studio 24, who […]

W3C Website redesign: short user surveys regarding finding content

Hi everyone! As part of the 2020 W3C website redesign, I am looking for volunteers among those who use the current W3C website, to take a couple of short surveys. They will help Studio 24 determine the best Information Architecture for our site. How users find content associated with standards, specifications and technical reports on […]

Virtual Advisory Committee Meeting and May 2020 W3C Strategic Highlights

W3C held its annual Members meeting in May 2020. For the first time in the 25 years of our organization, it was fully virtual. And the feedback was uniformly positive. That meeting consisted of reading material and pre-recorded presentations shared in advance. The videos of 19 presentations, totaling 4 hours, were available via a viewer […]

TPAC 2019 – a GREAT Week for the Global Web Community

W3C Members and Prospective Members address new features for the Web The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  recently held our annual technical Members Meeting (TPAC) in Fukuoka, Japan.  Everyone I spoke to at the event seemed energized by all the conversations going on, the new work items being discussed and the amount of business networking […]