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HTML WG members working together

Web standards are made by people. They interact, discuss, debate. They find issues, argue about them and finally try to settle down on what should be done. In the end, eventually it would be specified properly in a W3C Working Draft and then implemented in an interoperable way. It takes time and energy. I give here an example of a recent discussion between members of the HTML WG.

Validator 0.8.0 upgrade notes

The next version of the Markup Validator is gearing up for an upcoming release, and a really nice one. For those who are already maintaining an instance of the validator and want to play with it during the upcoming Beta test, or want to upgrade after the release, these notes will give a quick few steps to prepare the dependencies for the new validator.

SAXing up the Markup Validator: from Validator to Conformance Checker

One of the main weaknesses of the Markup Validator is, it's a validator. That is, it compares documents to a machine-readable grammar of the markup language in use. The faster, leaner architecture we have been working on in the past months finally make it possible to check conformance criteria beyond the mere grammar-based validation. But would the validator still be a validator?