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DOI/DONA vs. the Internet

I’ve recently been looking at some of the DO (Digital Object) literature, and DOI/DONA, and I’m still not clear what it amounts to nowadays. I’ve discussed it a bit internally at W3C and wanted to share my views here as well. If it wasn’t for the IoT and ITU context, I’d say it’ll have a […]

Memento at the W3C

The W3C Wiki and the W3C specifications are now accessible using the Memento “Time Travel for the Web” protocol. This is the result of a collaboration between the W3C, the Prototyping Team of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Web Science and Digital Library Research Group at Old Dominion University. The Memento protocol is […]

This week at W3C: HTML Landscape diff, W3C nominated for net Awards, HTML for email Community Group, etc.

This is the 24-31 January 2014 edition of a “weekly digest of W3C news and trends” that I prepare for the W3C Membership and public-w3c-digest mailing list (publicly archived). This digest aggregates information about W3C and W3C technology from online media —a snapshot of how W3C and its work is perceived in online media. You […]

SSL Europa joins W3C to promote a more secure Web

SSL Europa creates innovative solutions for better security with mobile connections. Their objective is to tackle the challenges of privacy and data transfers from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a security specialist for dematerialized environments, the company is the delegated Registration Authority of Keynectis-OpenTrust, the famous Trusted Third Party leader in Europe. […]