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Listen to the People: The Future of EPUB and New Directions for Publishing @ W3C

Securing a strong future for EPUB. Exploring new ideas for every sort of digital publication. Bringing business needs to the technical community: These are the goals of Publishing@W3C. In the last few weeks, we’ve heard from both the broad digital publishing community and the leadership of the Publishing Business Group. We’d like to share with […]

EPUBCheck 4.2.0 and EPUB 3.2 production-ready

The Publishing Business Group is pleased to announce the simultaneous availability of EPUBCheck 4.2 production-ready release and EPUB 3.2 Final Specification! This renewed version of EPUBCheck enable all the digital publishing industry to create, distribute and bring to readers EPUB content files in the safest way. All stages of the EPUB supply chain should now […]

No EPUBCheck, no EPUB!

As the whole digital publishing supply chain knows, there is no EPUB files without EPUBCheck! Based on an initiative of the Publishing Business Group, EPUBCheck is under revision and first steps have already been accomplished: EPUBCheck 4.1.1 is the latest stable version to validate both EPUB 2 and 3 files. EPUB 3 publications are checked […]

Scope and Goals of the Publishing Working Group

Scope and Goals of the Publishing Working Group What is a web publication? How is it different from a web site or a web app? Why do we need new standards, when the web is already full of publications? The Publishing Working Group (PWG) is continuing to address these questions in the Web Publications (WP) […]

EPUBCheck intermediate 4.1 release

As announced in EPUBCheck revision initialized post, a maintenance release of EPUBCheck as been published in time by the DAISY Consortium. This version 4.1.0 includes various improvements and bug fixes that have been contributed over the past two years. See https://github.com/w3c/epubcheck/releases The Steering Committee of the Publishing Business Group at W3C wants to thank the […]

Publishing at TPAC 2018

Minutes [Day 1], [Day 2] On October 22 and 23 the Publishing WG held 2 days of meetings as part of TPAC in Lyon. This was our second time at the massive W3C gathering (6th if you count our adolescence as an interest group); days were filled with meetings, hallway discussions, and making connections with […]