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A Productive TPAC 2014 and W3C Highlights

TPAC 2014, W3C’s annual organization-wide meeting, was a milestone for W3C and the Web community on several levels. Thirty-four groups met face-to-face and held joint meetings the last week of October. Participants organized 30 breakout sessions on telecommunications, privacy, Web of things, payments, APIs, testing, robotics, W3C agility, and more. With that many meetings and […]

Application Foundations for the Open Web Platform

Bringing HTML5 to the status of W3C Recommendation (in October 2014) is a defining moment in the development of the Open Web Platform (OWP), a set of technologies for developing distributed applications with the greatest interoperability in history. This year is also the 25th anniversary of the Web and 20th anniversary of W3C, making this […]

Decision by consensus or by informed editor; which is better?

There has been discussion in the Web standards community about which is the better way to advance technical specifications: by a formal consensus process or by having all decisions made by informed editors as they informally gather a consensus. After all, the W3C has long considered consensus a core value of W3C. On the other […]

W3C Highlights (June 2014) and Webizen Next Steps

Last month the W3C Membership gathered in Cambridge for one of our bi-annual meetings. At these meetings we discuss recent and upcoming work, the health and evolution of the organization, and new imperatives driven by changes around us. I invite you to read W3C Highlights – June 2014, which the W3C staff prepared for the […]

Web @ 25, W3C @ 20 – Creating an Agile Web Standards Ecosystem

This post appears in full on webat25.org. Last week I wrote about the future direction of the Open Web Platform. The success of the Web emanates from numerous sources. Its success comes from the basic idea of the Web, generations of innovators who have found better ways to utilize the Web, investments by companies to […]

On TPAC 2013

Earlier this month W3C had its first Technical Plenary (TPAC) in China. During TPAC week, 450 people meet in groups and breakout sessions to address the most technical and strategic topics raised by the participants. We renew friendships and meet new colleagues. We met in Shenzhen this year in part because we have seen a […]

Tracking Protection Working Group Progress

Here is an update on Tracking Protection Working Group progress: This week the group published new drafts of Tracking Compliance and Scope and Tracking Preference Expression (DNT). Today Chair Matthias Schunter announced a stable plan to reach Last Call. We are poised to announce new co-Chairs, replacing Peter Swire who announced last month his departure […]