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The MDN developer and designer survey 2019

Web developers and designers, we want to hear from you! Designed in collaboration with browser vendors and W3C, the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) just launched a Web Developer and Designer Needs Assessments survey. Take this opportunity to influence browser vendors! Let us know where you are experiencing difficulties when building for the Web. It’s easy […]

CSS Fonts 3 is a W3C Recommendation

Already using WebFonts? Like 70% of the top 10,000 websites, of course you are. Bet, though, you aren’t using the full extent of their capabilities! “bringing online typography up to the standards long used — and indeed taken for granted — in print” Introduction Controlling font usage has been part of CSS since the beginning […]

Do Not Track and the GDPR

The Tracking Protection Working Group (TPWG) has been engaged with issues of online data protection, privacy and tracking since 2011. Its Tracking Protection Expression draft recommendation (TPE), substantially completed in 2013, first became a Candidate Recommendation (CR) in August 2015.The main feature of the TPE, the DNT request header, is now implemented by all the […]

WebDriver motors on to W3C Recommendation

Today we celebrate the publication of the WebDriver specification as a W3C Recommendation. WebDriver is a powerful technology for browser automation, often used to enable cross-browser testing of Web applications, but also used for many other purposes. The WebDriver spec defines a set of interfaces and a wire protocol that are platform- and language-neutral and […]