Vehicle Data Interfaces

Modern cars are loaded with sensors and actuators the continuously monitor the vehicle and allow control of its functions. However, all of that is essentially limited mostly to the car itself and to what the maker of the vehicle intended it to do, as there are no APIs that other systems can access. That’s a pity since data from the sensors and vehicle functions could potentially be used for so many more things that provide value to vehicle owners, passengers, traffic systems and more. Various car makers have started addressing this problem by providing APIs that third-party applications can access. Unfortunately, there are no standards for that, which limits the application to a single car maker unless the developer also writes code to integrate the application with other car makers’ APIs.

The Automotive Working Group is developing a series of specifications allowing web developers to write applications running in a web browser or an embedded web runtime on a car’s infotainment system to access signals from vehicle sensors and to carry out actions via the vehicles actuators.

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Working Group Meeting – July 28 and 29, Seattle

There will be a Working Group Face To Face will be July 28 and 29, in Seattle, WA. OpenCar will be hosting at K&L Gates ( in the heart of downtown.

Proposed Agenda

  • Specification Issues
    • Walk through and resolve (as much as possible) open specification issues
      • Group effort led by Chairs and Editors
    • Propose new issues
      • Group effort led by Chairs and Editors
  • Testing Framework
    • Workshop various approaches. Decide on Automotive WG approach.
      • Qing An and Wonsuk
  • Security and Privacy Presentations
    • Junichi Hashimoto and Tatsuhiko Hirabayashi, KDDI
      • Automotive Security and Privacy
    • Craig Smith, Open Garages/TheiaLabs
      • Car Hacking –¬†
    • Greg Brannon, AAA
      • Privacy
  • Agenda for October F2F



K&L Gates
925 4th Ave, #2900,
Seattle WA 98104


There are many great places to lodge and eat nearby. Nearby hotels (1-5 blocks) include the following with much variety depending on your requirements:

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Beverages and snacks will be provided in the mornings and afternoons. For lunches, we will head out to local restaurants.

W3C forms Security and Privacy Task Force for Automotive

There is an increasing interest and demand around data and services in
Connected Cars, and the automotive
industry has been working at W3C since 2013 to bring drivers and
passengers a rich Web experience, and to make the Web a competitive
platform for the automotive industry.

Many industry reports have confirmed that a significant majority of
consumers want safe and secure access to the Web from their connected
car. At the recent meetings of the W3C Automotive Working Group and
Automotive Webplatform Business Group, there was strong interest in
creating a joint Task Force to explore the various Privacy and Security
implications for the standards work taking place at W3C for connected
cars. We hear this need resonating loudly in the automotive industry.

This task force will be exploring security primarily from the
perspective of standards being worked on in the Working Group or under
early exploration in the Business Group, focusing on potential attack
vectors being created.

Privacy similarly will remain focused on data being exposed by standards
emerging from the groups but may broaden to potential use cases of
applications based on that data, API interaction, user data rights and
clearly communicated opt-in sharing arrangements.

We are seeking explicitly security and privacy experts from within the
Automotive Business and Working Groups, W3C’s Privacy and Security
focused Interest Groups, W3C Membership, Automotive Industry,
researchers and other interested parties. With active participation from
the automotive industry, W3C is working to bring drivers and passengers
a rich Web experience.

For details on participating please see the public call for

Please send questions as well as interview requests to