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The 1st CJK Meeting on MiniApps

The W3C MiniApps Working Group and Community Group held the first CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) online meeting dedicated to the future of standardization efforts on MiniApps in April 2021. The main goal of the meeting was to gather the global community together, especially the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean participants to know the MiniApp ecosystem in each area, […]

W3C launches the MiniApps Working Group to ensure MiniApps cohesiveness with Web architecture

This post is co-authored by Yongqing Dong, Anqi Li, Tengyuan Zhang, Yongjing Zhang and Dan Zhou. Traditional HTML5 applications are easy to develop, but the performance and user experience are not perfect, so there have been many attempts to develop applications having user experiences similar to native applications using Web technologies, including Cordova, Electron, NativeScript, […]

Chinese Web Interest Group Meets in Hangzhou

The Chinese Web Interest Group gathered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang for its first face to face meeting in 17 November 2018. Our main goal for the meeting was to announce the group and discuss new web standards, ideas, and unique requirements in China. During the meeting, participants reviewed topics such as WebXR, WebGPU, WebML, WebAssembly, WebRTC, […]