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Performance Timing Information: Part 1 – Navigation Timing

Since August 2010, the Web Performance Working Group has quietly but steadily added various timing information in the Open Web Platform. We introduced the performance attribute on the Window object, and are extending it since then using several specifications. This first article looks at Navigation Timing.

HTML5: The jewel in the Open Web Platform

The Open Web Platform to us is HTML5, a game-changing suite of tools that incorporates SVG, CSS and other standards that are in various stages of development and implementation by the community at W3C. At this stage community feedback plays an important role in ensuring that the HTML5 specification is the highest quality.

HTML5: Getting to Last Call

All new bugs related to the HTML5 specification received after the first October 2010 will be treated as Last Call comments, with possible exceptions granted by the Chairs. The intention is to get to the initial Last Call and have a feature complete document.