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Last Call: Constraints of the Provenance Data Model

On Sept. 11, 2012 the Provenance Working Group has announced Last Call on a new document: PROV-CONSTRAINTS in the suite that defines the core of the PROV family of specifications. This follows the recent Last Call announcement for 3 other documents, namely PROV-DM, PROV-O, PROV-N. The meaning of Last Call is clarified in the earlier […]

The PROV provenance model – Last Call

The Provenance Working Group has released a last call working draft of its data model (PROV-DM). It is the fifth draft of this document: I summarize here the changes that occurred since its previous version. From a presentation viewpoint, the Working Group has worked hard to identify a set of Core constructs. The core of […]

What is new in the Fourth Working Draft of the PROV provenance model?

The Provenance Working Group has released the fourth public working draft of its data model. The purpose of this blog is to summarize the changes that occurred since the third working draft. From an editorial perspective, three significant changes took place since the last release. The document has been reorganized into three separate documents. The data model document focuses […]

The provenance data model (third working draft)

The Provenance Working Group began its activities with a charter naming some 17 concepts relevant to provenance, such as resource, process execution, use, derivation, version, etc For the first 3 months leading to our first face to face meeting, we debated definitions for these concepts. Importantly, for the social cohesion of the group, we developed […]