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Ivan Herman is the Technical Lead for Publishing@W3C. For more details, see http://www.w3.org/People/Ivan/

Agenda published for the W3C Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation

The detailed agenda for the W3C Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation has been published today. The workshop will last one and half days, with 5 sessions of short presentations followed by Q&A. The last session of the workshop will concentrate on discussing various issues arising at the event and plans to move forward. […]

Extended Submission Deadlines for the Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation

The deadline for registration and submission for the Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation have been extended. The new deadline is July 30. Authors of submissions received by the original deadline (i.e., July 20) will be notified of their acceptance by July 31 (as originally planned), whereas authors of later submissions will be notified […]

Added the ‘csvw’ prefix to the RDFa initial context

In accordance with the way the RDFa initial context is defined, the list of predefined prefixes has been extended by adding ‘csvw‘. The corresponding vocabulary URI is http://www.w3.org/ns/csvw#, and it stands for the metadata vocabulary for tabular data, like CSV or TSV, which was published as a Recommendation at the very end of 2015. Reminder: […]

Digital Publishing Event in Bordeaux

The newly created European Digital Reading Laboratory (EDRLab) is organizing an EPUB Summit in Bordeaux, France, in April 2016. It will be an important moment of collaboration among various players of the Digital Publishing ecosystem, including the Readium Foundation, IDPF, experts and representatives of digital publishers, and also W3C. Relationships of Digital Publishing and the […]

New Draft for Portable Web Publications has been Published

One of the results of the busy TPAC F2F meeting of the DPUB IG Interest Group (see the separate reports on TPAC for the first and second F2F days), the group just published a new version of the Portable Web Publications for the Open Web Platform (PWP) draft. This draft incorporates the discussions at the […]

Planning the future of the Digital Publishing Interest Group

Time flies… it has almost been two years since the Digital Publishing Interest Group started its work. Lot has happened in those two years; the group has published a report on the Annotation Use Cases (which contributed to the establishment of a separate Web Annotation Working Group); has conducted a series of interviews (and published […]