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W3C Welcomes the FIDO 2.0 Member Submission

Today, W3C welcomes the FIDO 2.0 Platform specifications as a Member Submission. On the Web, passwords are both an everyday inconvenience for users and a weakness against modern security threats. Users re-use passwords across different sites and password databases are irresistible targets for an enterprising attacker. W3C is committed to bringing the Web to its […]

Social Business: Final Report Published with Next Steps for the W3C

The final report of the Social Business Jam details a number of recommendations for standardization and use-cases. The main recommendation is to form a Social Business Community Group to develop customer driven use-cases for social business and mature standards around these use-cases - so join the Social Business Community Group!

The W3C Social Business Jam is a few days away!

There’s been a lot of discussion on how the social web is changing business. One of the challenges slowing down the adoption of social web is due to a lack of cross-industry interoperability, as social business is still in its early stages. Open standards are one way the industry can overcome this challenge. As the W3C is one of the organizations working to help, we've decided to host an event to determine future directions for standardizing the social web for business-driven use-cases. The all online W3C Social Business Jam runs from Nov 8-10th (Tuesday through Thursday) and you have to register to participate.