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Questionnaire on Practices & Tooling for Web Data Standardisation

The World Wide Web Consortium together with the Open Data Institute are conducting a study of practices and tooling for Web data standardisation, with financial support from Innovate UK’s Emerging and Enabling Technologies programme. We want to get a better understanding of what kinds of standards people are interested in, and to make it easier […]

First Public Working Drafts for Web of Things

There is widespread agreement on the huge potential for exploiting connected sensors and actuators, but such devices vary considerably in their capabilities and communication technologies. This makes it challenging to create services involving devices from different vendors and using different standards. The Web of Things seeks to reduce the costs and risks for developing such […]

From a world-wide web of pages to a world-wide web of things – interoperability for connected devices

W3C is seeking to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things and reduce its fragmentation. Jeff Jaffe (W3C CEO) will give a keynote at the Industry of Things World USA conference in San Diego on 25 February 2016. He will explain how W3C is focusing on simplifying application development through a platform of platforms […]

Building the Web of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is regularly in the news, and we’re expecting there to be something like one hundred billion IoT devices within ten years. The promise of innovative new services and efficiency savings are fueling interest in a wide range of potential applications across many sectors including smart homes, healthcare, smart grids, smart […]

From Web Pages to the Web of Things

The Internet of Things is a hot topic in technical circles with many potential domains of applications, for instance, home automation, security, healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities and lots more. The market potential is currently held back by fragmentation in the communication technologies and a lack of shared approaches to services. We are looking forward to […]

W3C Web Payments Workshop

W3C invites you to participate in the Web payment workshop in Paris on 24-25 March 2014. This workshop seeks to make it easier to monetize open Web applications, as an effective alternative to proprietary native app ecosystems. In essence, we would like to improve the end user experience and give users greater freedom in how […]