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Announcing the Immersive Web Working Group

Over the past several years, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology has grown from a handful of developer kits to millions of capable devices in our hands everyday. During this time the W3C’s Immersive Web Community Group (formerly known as the WebVR Community Group) has been exploring how this VR/AR technology intersects with the web. […]

UK Government Consultation on Open Standards

The W3C has formally submitted its response to the UK Government's consultation on the use of Open Standards for software interoperability, data and document formats. In essence, we believe that the Web proves that in the areas of direct interest to this consultation, the use of open standards, published under royalty free terms, is an enormous engine for innovation.

A toucan describedby data

An intense discussion on the Linked Open Data mailing list has lead to at least two distinct outcomes: a proposal for a new way to resolve URIs identifying non-information resources without losing the important distinction from information that describes them; and a correction to an ambiguity in the specification of wdrs:describedby.