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Announcing the Immersive Web Working Group

Over the past several years, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology has grown from a handful of developer kits to millions of capable devices in our hands everyday. During this time the W3C’s Immersive Web Community Group (formerly known as the WebVR Community Group) has been exploring how this VR/AR technology intersects with the web. […]

Establishing the Meaning of Do Not Track

Today, the co-chairs of the Tracking Protection Working Group released the group's decision on base text for continued work. In progressing toward a draft that could move the multi-stakeholder work on a consensus standard for Do Not Track forward, the group reviewed and rejected a package change proposal offered by the Digital Advertising Alliance and its supporters. The decision re-affirms the Working Group's mission to 'improve user privacy and user control by defining mechanisms for expressing user preferences around Web tracking' in a consensus-based multi-stakeholder process, and takes a significant step in focusing the group's further work toward a consensus Do Not Track standard.

UK Government Consultation on Open Standards

The W3C has formally submitted its response to the UK Government's consultation on the use of Open Standards for software interoperability, data and document formats. In essence, we believe that the Web proves that in the areas of direct interest to this consultation, the use of open standards, published under royalty free terms, is an enormous engine for innovation.