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W3C and XR Immersive Enterprise 2020

W3C has been driving a set of discussions around the AR/VR/XR space since our first W3C Workshop on Web and Virtual Reality in 2016.  Since then the work has expanded both the depth and scope of what we’re doing and is now under the Immersive Web Working Group. The W3C Business Development team and Technical […]

W3C at IoT Impact 2019 Australia next week

Over the past several years the W3C Membership has been working to help address the fragmentation that has occurred in the Internet of Things space. Our work, on Web of Things, seeks to counter fragmentation by making it much easier to create applications without the need to master the disparate variety of IoT technologies and […]

TPAC 2019 – a GREAT Week for the Global Web Community

W3C Members and Prospective Members address new features for the Web The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  recently held our annual technical Members Meeting (TPAC) in Fukuoka, Japan.  Everyone I spoke to at the event seemed energized by all the conversations going on, the new work items being discussed and the amount of business networking […]

Join W3C at Financial Innovations and Payments Summit!

Next week I will be attending the Opal Group’s Financial Innovation and Payments Summit for the 2nd year.  Last year was phenomenally productive for W3C and I expect this year to be even more so!  This event attracts a few hundred of the key organizations aligned with the various parts of the Payments and Ecommerce […]