This Interest Group is Now Closed

This Interest Group is now closed: its official charter expired on the 31st of March, 2008. Note, however, that some of the activities started by this Interest Group have not been stopped, but go on independently instead. These are:


The Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group has been established to develop strategies and materials to increase awareness among the Web community of the need and benefit for the Semantic Web, and educate the Web community regarding related solutions and technologies.

The scope of SWEO group includes:

  • the development and collection of use and business cases, stemming from both user and vendor companies, and documenting the value of Semantic Web technologies
  • identifying possible vertical markets and application areas for the Semantic Web
  • production of clear guidelines for tutorials, presentations, teaching materials, FAQ-s, etc, targeted at different audiences

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Wednesday, September 12th 2007

21:31:11, Categories: General

Linking Open Data

The SWEO Community Project, Linking Open Data, is making great progress in incorporating new datasets. In early September, a new version of the DBpedia dataset was released. DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make the data available on the Web. Users are now empowered to perform sophisticated queries against the data and to link to other datasets on the Web. DBpedia describes almost 2,000,000 “things” that include places, people, music albums, and movies. The dataset also has over 2,500,000 links to images, external web pages, and other RDF datasets. This week it has been announced that the WikiCompany dataset is also available. This dataset is a global company directory implemented as a Wiki. Currently, over 9,000 companies are included within WikiCompany. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project.
By: Susie Stephens

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