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Special session on the long term preservation of RDF vocabularies at DC-2013

W3C has the pleasure to sponsor the Special Session on the Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies, part of the DC-2013 conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. See also the Discussion paper for the special session, … Continue reading

Two RDF Vocabularies Published for Governmental Use (and more…)

The W3C Government Linked Data Working Group has published two Last Call Working Drafts: The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary. This is an RDF vocabulary for publishing multidimensional data, particularly statistical data. It is compatible with the cube model that underlies SDMX (Statistical … Continue reading

Registered Organization Vocabulary Draft Published

The W3C Government Linked Data Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of Registered Organization Vocabulary. This is a vocabulary for describing organizations that have gained legal entity status through a formal registration process, typically in a national or regional … Continue reading