New prefixes added to the RDFa Core Initial Context

The W3C RDFa Working Group has added some new predefined prefixes to the RDFa Core Initial Context:

RDFa 1.1 predefined prefixes, part of the RDFa 1.1 Initial Contexts, is a convenience mechanism that can be used by RDFa 1.1 authors as CURIE prefixes without the necessity to define those explicitly through the @prefix attribute of RDFa 1.1; the RDFa Core Initial Context defines prefixes that are valid for all Host Languages for RDFa 1.1.. Implementations may choose to access the list of these prefixes (also available in Turtle format) dynamically, or hard code them in their distribution. Authors should check whether their particular tool has already been upgraded to include these new prefixes; implementers are encouraged to add them as soon as possible.

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    • Yeah. Indeed, it was put into the table when R2RML was finalized but it was never really announced. Which was a mistake I guess…