, OGP, and RDFa 1.1…

Some links on the RDFa and relationships that I found in my mailbox this morning:

  • Dan Brickley just published a note on the schema blog: “SemTech, RDFa, Microdata and more…”. On the RDFa front, to quote: “Our approach is “Microdata and more”. As implementations and services begin to consume RDFa 1.1, publishers with an interest in mixing with additional vocabularies, or who are using tools like Drupal 7, may find RDFa well worth exploring.” I.e., authors can use either microdata or RDFa 1.1 Lite, search engines will (though I am not sure when) consume both on equal footing. The separate IG Note helping web masters in this choice edited by Jeni Tennison, may be of an extra interest in this. The blog contains info on some other subjects, too (e.g., relationships to OData); well worth reading.
  • The “Data Model” page, describing how RDFa can be used to encode terms, have now been updated to RDFa 1.1 (thanks also Stéphane Corlosquet)

It is also important to note that, similarly to, Facebook has also updated its pages for Webmasters on the Open Graph Protocol to use RDFa 1.1. (That was done even before the publication of RDFa 1.1 as a standard!)

Things are moving…

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  1. Thanks. I was very close to adding a link to Jeni’s excellent doc, but the post was overflowing with detail already. I’ll get the faq updated to link it (and the microdata mapping). Also for those who didn’t notice the soft launch, there is also now an RDFa Lite version of the RDFS-based view of the whole schema. Getting similar markup into per-term pages (properties too) is on my list too.

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