Product Modelling using Semantic Web Technologies

The W3C Product Modelling Incubator Group has published a report of their work, entitled Product Modelling using Semantic Web Technologies, edited by Michel Böhms, David Leal, Henson Graves, and Kendall Clark. From the abstract of the report:

…definition, storage, exchange and sharing of product data. Product data is information about the structure and behaviour of things that are realized in industrial processes. So principally product data is about things that are manmade, but it can also be about things in the natural world that interact with those industrial processes and/or its resulting products. Typical products would include automobiles, airplanes, buildings, infrastructures, ships and other manmade complex products.

This report describes the role and scope of product data, and initial work in two technical areas:

  • Quantities, Units & Scales; and
  • Product Structure – the decomposition of wholes in parts and the interconnection relationships between these parts.

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