RIF Last Call and new WDs

Not satisfied until it had achieved perfection, the long-awaited last call drafts of the RIF Basic Logic Dialect (BLD) and RDF + OWL Compatibility (SWC) have been published. The drafts reflect the result of either widespread consensus on numerous technical issues or sheer exhaustion – you be the judge! The working group seeks feedback on these drafts as the last call status indicates the design is believed to be stable and complete.
In conjunction with the last call drafts, the working group also published the highly anticipated first working draft of the RIF Production Rule Dialect (PRD), as well as the BLD companion documents Datatypes and Builtins (DTB), and Framework for Logic Dialects (FLD). Finally, a new, improved and updated version of the RIF Use Cases and Requirements (UCR), that now uses BLD presentation and XML syntax in the examples.

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