SPARQL is a Candidate Recommendation

W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of SPARQL Query Language for RDF to Candidate Recommendation. SPARQL has become an essential part of the Semantic Web technology landscape, and the publication as Candidate Recommendation is an essential milestone. The specification includes two features-at-risk: the REDUCED feature, and the allowance of leading digits in prefixed names. The feedback of the implementor and user communities is essential in deciding on whether those features should be retained in the final Recommendation or not.
The SPARQL Query Results XML Format has also been republished as Last Call Working Draft with a short comment period until early July. The only change, compared to earlier versions, is the removal of the ordered and distinct attributes of the results element: these attributes have been considered as redundant. Again, the feedback of the user community is essential to decide whether applications depend on this feature or not.

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