RIF WG decides on basic semantics and builtins

At its telecon this week, the RIF WG reached a resolution on two important issues: the semantic domains of symbols in RIF Core and to adopt a suitable subset of the W3C Xquery/XPath Functions & Operators.
Symbols used as identifiers in RIF Core (which for the most part will be IRIs) can denote functions, predicates, and individuals, without requiring these groups be distinct. In other words, the same identifier could denote a function, individual, and predicate; this is like RDFS and OWL-Full and unlike OWL-DL. With this resolution, the WG closed an important outstanding issue in the design of RIF Core.
Another important issue, the use of standard builtins in rules for performing basic operations (such as arithmetic) was addressed by resolving to adopt a suitable subset of the W3C Rec XQuery and XPath Functions and Operators. RIF Core will adopt a subset that corresponds to the basic datatypes chosen for the RIF Core. At the present time, RIF Core is limited to the XSD types long, decimal, time, string, and dateTime. The precise list of functions and operators for RIF Core is being drafted.

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