Incubator group on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Web

W3C has launched a new Incubator Group on Uncertainty Reasoning for the World Wide Web. The term “uncertainty reasoning” is meant to denote the full range of methods designed for representing and reasoning with knowledge when Boolean truth values are unknown, unknowable, or inapplicable. The objectives of the URW3-XG are twofold:

  1. To identify and describe situations on the scale of the World Wide Web for which uncertainty reasoning would significantly increase the potential for extracting useful information;
  2. To identify methodologies that can be applied to these situations and the fundamentals of a standardized representation that could serve as the basis for information exchange necessary for these methodologies to be effectively used.

See the home page of the group for further information on how to join.

About Ivan Herman

Ivan Herman is the leader of the Digital Publishing Activity at W3C. For more details, see

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