List of Semantic Web related books…

Based on the positive experience of moving the Semantic Web Tool lists on the wiki (quite a number of people have helped maintaining that page since it was published!) a similar page collecting books on the subject has been created. The result is on the ESW Wiki.

Of course there are some caveats; it would be great if the community helped in getting things right. Some of those are:

  • It is possible that some books that have been put into the the “textbooks” category are, in fact, collections of articles or proceedings, or vice versa…
  • for most of the books an ISBN number could be found and a link was put to the Worldcat library site which gives a way of mapping ISBN-s (thanks to DanC for this idea). However, some of the ISBN-s have no trace on that site for example most of the non-English books. It is not yet clear where to link those…
  • the main problem is of course the missing Italian, Chinese, Russian, Chinese, etc. books. Surely lots of non-English books missing!

Nevertheless, we hope this is a good and useful start

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