Online or Live - You Chose in October — 22 September 2009

The Introduction to Mobile Web Best Practices course that began in September is running well with over 100 participants. As we had to turn several people away after registration had closed, and it's uncertain at this stage whether we'll be able to offer the course again next year, we're squeezing in one more run of the online course before the end of the year.

Full details of the course - the content, the timing, who it's for and more is available.

Registration is now open for a new run of the the online course beginning on Monday 12th October and ending on Friday 11th December.

Meanwhile the Early Bird period for the live version of the course is running out. Set for Wednesday 14th October in Cambridge, UK, this is your chance to meet and learn from the W3C experts in person. We're delighted that Paul Berney, Managing Director Europe, of the Mobile Marketing Association has confirmed that he will be our guest speaker. Paul is at the forefront of maximizing the potential of the mobile channel and will share valuable insights on how mobile users can be reached and engaged most effectively.

But if you want the early bird price you'll have to hurry - you have until this Friday, 25th September to register.

So, you choose - the online version or the live version. Either way, come and learn the mobile Web with W3C!


Contact: Marie-Claire Forgue