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Extended deadline to submit position papers to workshop on the Future of Social Netorking — 20 November 2008

We have just announced that the deadline to send (1 to 5 pages long )position papers for the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking has been extended to 3 December 2008 - the initial deadline ended today.

This is a great opportunity to take some time and put your ideas on even just one page. Be part of this exciting workshop! We got a flow of excellent submissions so far, so do participate and we guarantee that you'll spend two days in excellent company with your peers and future partners!

If you really can't send us a position paper, there is another way to participate in this highly visible workshop: sponsor it! We offer a wide range of benefits and one of them is a great visibility of your what your business is. Choose your level of participation and have your organization logo displayed on the W3C home page (300 000 page views per day!) and/or the W3C Mobile Web Initiative Web page, and many more.

Do not miss it! and looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona.

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MWI Sponsors Mobile Widgets Camp — 14 August 2008

The MWI is co-sponsoring the Mobile Widgets Camp in Austin Texas next month. The Camp will mix ad-hoc BarCamp-style sessions with some more traditional presentations, all focused on mobile widgets. The Camp will provide a great opportunity for mobile widget enthusiasts to take in some great talks, view demos, and learn, share and discuss mobile widgets with like minded folks. The event kicks off at 10 am on Sunday, 7 September and lasts all day. For more details, and to register (space is limited!), please visit:
The Mobile Widgets Camp is organized by Dan Appelquist of Mobile Monday Londay (and Vodafone, as well as esteemed co-chair of the MWI Best Practices Working Group), and Enrique Ortiz of Mobile Monday Austin. The Camp is sponsored by the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, the Open Mobile Terminal Platform, The University of Texas / Austin Technology Incubator, Freescale and Vodafone.
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Mobile applications highlighted in latest Nielsen Alertbox — 13 August 2008

The famous usability expert Jakob Nielsen just released his list of best applications user interfaces in 2008, and notes that:

Although dedicated mobile apps are not yet good enough to win in their own right, it was striking how many of this year's winners have a mobile component. Mobile is definitively the trend to watch for next year, and any application owner should think hard about whether and how to add mobile features in 2009.

Combined with the fact that 70% of these applications were Web-based, this certainly strengthens the idea that Mobile Web applications are going to play a big role in the next few years - and the ongoing work on Mobile Web Applications Best Practices will hopefully be a useful contribution to that development.

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