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MWI Developers' corner — 7 February 2008

We've opened yesterday a Developer's corner on the Mobile Web Initiative, where hopefully mobile web developers will find quick links to a variety of useful resources.

Completing that page, we have also just opened a new mailing list, <> (publicly archived), where we hope to gather a community of developers interested in exchanging techniques and discussing their experiences with mobile web development - thus also feeding back to the related W3C Working Groups.

So, join the discussion (you can subscribe by sending a message to with "subscribe" in the subject), and do tell us what other resources for developers you'd like to see in our Dev Corner.

by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in News, Technical Permalink

The W3C MWI Team is growing — 14 December 2007

My name is François Daoust. I recently joined the W3C and more particularly the Mobile Web Initiative Activity, where I'll serve as Team Contact for the Best Practices Working Group.

Prior to joining the W3C, I was working as a developer for an on-portal mobile search engine called Motionbridge, first in a French start-up based in Paris, and then within Microsoft in Seattle.

Mobile web content delivery introduces a fair amount of players that all have a role to play: network operators, mobile devices manufacturers, browsers manufacturers, mobile content authors, aggregators, ... (a more detailed list may be found in the Device Description Landscape 1.0 Public Working Draft of the Device Description Working Group for instance). An on-portal mobile search engine stands right in the middle of the stakeholders. It addresses operators needs, has to index various content deemed mobile and aggregators feeds, it has to render the response in various ML formats, and it especially needs to include filtering rules that were not necessary in desktop life: on a limited device, you just can't afford to display a link that would redirect the end-user to a web site/ringtone/game/wallpaper that is not compatible with his device. This introduces a number of simple questions all too well-known by mobile web developers. What's compatible? How to find your way in the user-agent jungle? What should you do when a mobile phone actually says (via the headers of an HTTP request) that it accepts images in a given format whereas you know it's simply not true?

Wouldn't it be nice if, as a content author, you could just focus on the content, and not have to deal with the mess? Well, within the Mobile Web Initiative, I hope I can put my practical experience back into theory and then into practice again!

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A one year-old Planet — 9 November 2007

It was just year ago that I announced the launch of Planet Mobile Web.

I wish I had nice numbers to share on the numbers of aggregated posts over this past year, or even better, the number of comments it generated, the number of ideas it triggered; but failing that, I'll just share my collective thanks to all of you who have contributed to making this Planet this amazing source of information, and all of you who follow the exciting work ongoing in this space using the aggregator!

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