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Boost Mobile User Experience with Best Practices Standard — 14 December 2010

Mobile Web Application Best Practices cards

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices got published today as a final W3C Recommendation. This new set of guidelines — new in the sense that W3C already published a first Mobile Web Best Practices standard that focused on mobile Web pages — focuses on the development and deployment of mobile Web applications that boost the overall mobile user experience, taking advantage of existing advanced device capabilities, whenever possible.

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices cards summarize the guidelines in a handy and visual format. The cards organize the best practices in different categories:

  • Set users free: let users know and control what happens to earn their trust.
  • Design for flexibility: to address more devices and users at reduced cost.
  • Remember Web principles: they do apply to the development of robust mobile Web applications.
  • Spare the network: use appropriate Web protocol features to reduce network bottlenecks and latency.
  • Exploit mobile-specific features: some Web technologies are particularly relevant to mobile devices. Learn to use them.
  • Optimize response time: every detail matters in mobile Web applications and some technical points may significantly boost the overall user experience

The cards are available in English, French, Korean, Spanish and Swedish (so far!).

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