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W3C Workshop on Privacy Challenges for advanced Web APIs — 28 April 2010

Several W3C Working Groups are hard at work to make new advanced capabilities available through browsers: geolocation, addressbook interactions, access to CPU/battery/network information, etc.

But with all these great new powers come great responsibilities, and one of the attached risk of exposing more of the users data to Web applications is to expose more data then the user wants or is aware of, and of getting these data re-used to her annoyance or harm.

This is a complex and multi-faceted problem to solve: to ensure we hear about as many of the possible solutions as possible, W3C is organizing a workshop on Privacy for Advanced Web APIs in London on July 12 and 13.

Participation is free and open to all, but requires submitting a 1 to 5 pages position paper; if you think you have a useful perspective to bring to that discussion, please read the Permalink

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