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Augmented Reality Workshop: Deadline extended to March 15 — 5 March 2010

Deadline extended to March 15! Here's the original announcement:

There is a lot of buzz these around augmented reality in general, and mobile specifically (just search for "augmented reality" on twitter - there is a new tweet every minute or so).

How can these new interaction paradigms be integrated into the platform of the Web and evolve to be as open and inclusive as the Web?

To understand this and related questions, Dan Applequist of Vodafone, Rittwik Jana of AT&T Labs Research, Christine Perey of PEREY Research & Consulting and myself are co-chairing the WWW2010 workshop "MobEA-2010: Augmented Reality and Virtual Interactivity".

The Call for papers includes a long list of topics - of particular interest to the mobile community could be:

  • Mobile AR development environments and toolkits
  • Extensions to current Web technologies (e.g. CSS) to support AR
  • Multiuser and Distributed gaming
  • Mobile Tracking & Sensing for AR
  • User studies and evaluation
  • Mobile Presence and cognition in AR
  • Mobile Widgets and Mashups for AR
  • How do Web browsers need to evolve to become AR platforms?
  • Role of voice and multimodal technologies/applications in AR
  • Media adaptation and content filtering
  • What device APIs accessible within the browser would be requisite in order to deliver an AR experience?
  • Cross platform AR services (e.g. 3 screen services (TV, PC, phone))

If you have worked on these or related topics, and in particular if you have demos:

Paper submission is open until March 15 February 21 - check out the Permalink

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