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Best Practices to make your Web application mobile — 11 February 2010

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices was published as a W3C Candidate Recommendation yesterday. This means the specification is believed to be stable and that the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group now invites everyone to implement the Best Practices... and report on their implementations!

Here is a little guide to providing implementation feedback, in the form of an Infrequently Asked Questions list:

How do I provide feedback?
Simply follow the instructions of the implementation report template.
Why provide an implementation report?
Coz' we need it, of course! More seriously, the Best Practices should reflect already existing engineering practices or practices that will soon become prevalent. The specification cannot become a true standard if the working group cannot gather evidence that this is the case.
Who can provide an implementation report?
Anyone. The working group will obviously start by looking at its own participants to gather implementation feedback, but if you have developed a Web application that follows some of the Best Practices, you're most welcome!
What is a Web application?
The specification contains a definition of the notion of Web Application. Basically, it is a regular Web site comprised of (X)HTML and CSS with some level of locally executable elements of interactivity (think Javascript) and persistent state. The Web application does not need to be executed within the context of a Web browser: so-called Widgets match the definition.
Does the Web application need to be mobile?
Not per se, but note that each Best Practice has some mobile twist. If you find yourself having implemented one of the Best Practices described in the document without having thought about mobile, congratulations, your application has at least some level of mobile-friendliness! Feel free to report and include the reason why you implemented the Best Practice in the first place.
Does the Web application need to implement all of the Best Practices?
Not at all. The Mobile Web Application Best Practices are fairly independent one from another. We do not expect applications to implement more than a handful of them each time. You can submit a report as soon as your Web application implements one of the Best Practices.
Are there Web applications that should not be reported?
Hardly any one, but note that Web applications created solely to demonstrate the Best Practices do not count as valid implementations of the Best Practices.

Feel free to send a comment or to send me an email if you would like to provide implementation feedback and have some further questions.

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Comment from: Eyal Sela [Visitor] ·
Great job!
We'll do our best to get you back feedback and implementations.
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