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Yours truly, the W3C mobileOK Checker — 4 February 2009

We've released a new version of the online W3C mobileOK Checker today.

A friendly "Please wait..." loading page is now displayed while the checker runs in the background. We've also started a help page to answer common questions you could have while reading a mobileOK report, and further clarified some of the messages returned by the Checker. A few other bug fixes complete the list of changes.

Are there questions you would like us to answer on mobileOK? Mobile tips and techniques you would like to discuss? Send your thoughts to the public mailing-list!

Do you have suggestions for the next release of the mobileOK Checker? Do you experience problems running it? Does it crash? Do you find that messages are obscure? Send your concerns to the public mailing-list!

The W3C mobileOK Checker is here to help you develop mobile-friendly content. We'd be happy to improve it!

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