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XHTML Basic 1.1 reference — 31 July 2007

To celebrate the recent release of XHTML Basic 1.1 as a Candidate Recommendation, I have just released a cheat sheet of XHTML Basic 1.1: it documents all its elements and attributes, and how they relate one to another.

I have always loved the elements and attributes tables that accompany the HTML 4.01 specification, and have always missed them for XHTML Basic - so that is now repaired, thanks to a little script I wrote which generates them directly from the DTD.

While the tables are - I think - already useful as is, I welcome any suggestions to make them more useful and useable...

by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in Technical 1 comment Permalink

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Comment from: Steve Constable [Visitor] ·
If there were one thing I would hope browsers and the W3C could accomplish in their next code upgrade is to make the :hover class to be possible in the inline style. This is not possible. Also I would like to add that tables td tags should be as flexible as div tags in coloring etc. And on a side note, is Tim coming out with another book? I have two copies of his first book - one of them is signed! And lastly, XHTML is a good upgrade to HTML. Why the

tag was not required to be closed in the first I have no idea.

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