Workshops on the role of Mobile Technologies in fostering Social Develoment

W3C hold during 2 days (june 2-3) a workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development.

The workshop site has all the submitted papers, the ones selected for presentation and the corresponding slides linked from the agenda

The participants will work on the executive summary in the next few weeks and publish it afterwards


W3C launches the Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group

W3C invites participation in a new group chartered to explore the potential of mobile technology to help bridge the digital divide. The Mobile Web For Social Development (MW4D) Interest Group will study the issues that rural communities and underprivileged populations face in accessing information and communication technology. The MW4D Interest Group provides an multidisciplinary forum for discussing these issues, and in doing so, contributes to the W3C mission of making the Web available to all.
Participation to this group is open to the public and not limited to W3C Members.
See details on the Participation page.
The two chairs of the group are Ken Banks ( and Stephane Boyera (W3C).
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