MW4D Renewed

The Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group has been renewed till June 2012 by W3C director Decision of June 10 2012.
following-up on the work done since June 2008 and the release of the Mobile Web for Social Development Roadmap, the renewed group will focus of 5 specific themes:

  • Specific application domains such as Health, Agriculture, Education or Government Transparency
  • Tools
  • Business Models
  • Impact Analysis
  • Adoption Factors

For more details, read the MW4D IG Charter.
The new group, like the previous one, is open to public participation. All the discussions are taking place on the public mailing, archived online, and the group is meeting twice a month by teleconferences. Read details about the participation in the group.

MW4D Roadmap Published

The MW4D IG published on November 17 2009 its Mobile Web for Social Development Roadmap. This document summarizes the work of the group since its creation in June 2008.

It describes some of the current challenges of deploying development-oriented services on mobile phones. It suggests the most promising directions for lowering barriers to developing, deploying and accessing services on mobile phones and thereby creating an enabling environment for more social-oriented services to appear.