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Thursday, December 6th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 3 Dec 2007

[DDWG Teleconference summary – 3 Dec 2007] Cross-referencing the ontology, populating the ontology, property names, XSD data types, Requirements, implementations, weekly calls [Cross-ref] The DDWG vocabulary needs to reference the UWA ontology for definitions of concepts and data types. However, a recent decision of the group was to refer to device information via "properties within aspects". This means that the mapping of DD properties to the ontology is no longer one-to-one. For example, a Vendor property can be applied to the hardware aspect (thus identifying the manufacturer) or to the browser aspect (thus identifying the origin of the software). The ontology has two different properties for these two vendor concepts. One approach to mapping DD items to corresponding items in the UWA ontology is to create a table that shows how the combination of DD properties and DD aspects map to the UWA ontology properties. It was proposed that this mapping could be part of the Vocabulary document. Three parts are identified: the DD properties, the aspects and the mapping to the ontology. Resolving these details could take some time, but meanwhile there is an initial draft of the vocabulary that is getting close to publication. It was agreed that this document should continue towards publication, with editor's notes to highlight areas of ongoing discussion. [Populating] It was noted that the UWA Ontology has information in it already, although it is understood that the intention is that the ontology will evolve based on the needs of respective vocabularies. The DD group needs to take care not to let the initial (experimental) information in the ontology control the evolution of the DD vocabulary. Instead, the group will continue to identify properties and aspects as it deems necessary to support content adaptation, and these will then be mapped to the ontology. If there are omissions in the ontology, these can be resolved in due course. [Names] A minor issue of the names of properties was raised. With the introduction of aspects, it is important not to have aspects appearing in the property names, For example, browserVersion would not be a good DD property name because it includes the browser aspect in its name. One example that occurred in early drafts was screenColorDepth. This was recently changed to displayColorDepth. The intention here was to replace the mention of the screen aspect with a term to describe how colour depth is transmitted as output. However, the word "display" could be seen as synonymous with "screen" so this might need to be reconsidered. [XSD] In early drafts of the vocabulary, data types were mentioned as String, Boolean, Integer etc. The group resolved that these data types should be formalised by reference to the XML Schema Data types (XSD). [Requirements] A recent update of the requirements document on the wiki was noted, and commended. Members will review the text, with the intention of agreeing to publish. The new version uses use cases to explain the motivations behind certain DDR characteristics. [Implementations] It was noted that there is growing Open Source activity in support of the DDR API. It is expected that during 2008 there will be free, commercial and Open Source implementations of the API. Announcements of these have been made on the public mailing list. [Weekly call] With some participants attending the weekly call very late at night in their time zone, it was resolved to move the call time forward an hour from this point onwards. Attendees: Rotan, Jo, Dimitar, JongPil, Rafa, Matt, Pontus, Jose Cantera, Martin, Rodrigo.
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