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Monday, September 17th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 10 Sept 2007

[Meeting summary - 10 Sept 2007] DD/UWA meeting, Next F2F, Deadline for contributions, Resolved issues [DD/UWA] Following the recent decision to host a joint meeting on the 24th with the UWA Working Group, the DD participants considered a number of topics of mutual concern to include in the agenda. This includes clarifying responsibility for the ontology, the means by which vocabularies reference the ontology, and the means by which the ontology is populated. [F2F] The next face-to-face meeting of the DDWG will take place in November in Boston, during the week in which many other W3C groups will gather for the Technical Plenary. The DDWG will take this opportunity to share information with the other groups. The agenda for the meeting will be drafted over the coming weeks. [Deadline] The properties that have been contributed to the vocabulary are now appearing on the DDWG wiki. A deadline of approximately two weeks will be established for public comments. [Resolutions] The following resolutions were made: - ISSUE-1 (the use of naming conventions in the vocabulary) has been concluded with the agreement at the London F2F that each property will have only one normative name, and all others are merely informative. - ISSUE-2 (keeping the OMA informed of DDWG progress) is concluded because two members of DDWG are now taking the role of information conduit to the OMA. - ISSUE-7 (managing aliases in the ontology) is closed because we have agreed that a property can have only one normative name. All others are merely informative. - ISSUE-9 (identifiers for HW and SW and possibly other aspects) is closed because the group has agreed that the context key should be an opaque object whose structure is therefore unknown, and undiscoverable. Attendees: Matt Womer (W3C) Rodrigo Garcia (CTIC) Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Dimitar Denev (Fraunhofer) Kevin Smith (Vodafone) Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca (Telefonica) Anders Ekstrand (Drutt) Bryan Sullivan (AT&T) Jo Rabin (dotMobi) Andrea Trasatti (dotMobi) Jongpil Yi (Samsung) Pontus Carlsson (Drutt)
Rotan Hanrahan


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