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Sunday, September 16th 2007

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DDWG blog activity

It has been an interesting time on the DDWG blog. As you know, this is the blog where regular updates on ongoing DDWG work. It is available to anyone who would prefer not to be signed up to the public mailing list. Of course, you can always view the various archives to see what has transpired, or visit the wiki to see some of the latest technical work. So why has it been interesting on the blog? Mainly because it has attracted some attention. Unfortunately, not the right kind of attention. The blog is generally open to comments, but to date the only substantial comments to be received have come via the tried-and-trusted public mailing list. The blog comments, almost 100% of them, are spam. The DDWG blog is monitored and moderated, so none of this spam is getting through to our readers. We may have to disable commenting in light of the rise in spam, but rest assured that the public mailing list will remain available. Meanwhile, further updates on recent meetings are on their way.
Rotan Hanrahan


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