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Thursday, August 30th 2007

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Meeting summary - 27 August 2007

[Meeting summary - 27 Aug 2007] Scribing. Acknowledging contributions. API draft. Other publications. UWA/DD call. Wiki migration. [Scribing] For most participants, this is the end of the vacation season so work is getting back on track. Meeting attendance will increase and we will need more people to keep minutes. This is an important task as the meeting records enable the group to produce summaries for public consumption (including this summary). We also expect to see more comments from meetings appearing on the public lists. A new scribe rota will be in place for next week's call. [Acknowledgements] For the DDR API document, a specification that is on the W3C's Recommendation track, it is proposed that notable contributions to the work will be acknowledged in the published document, in addition to the customary summary of participants. We hope that the list of notable contributions will be big, as more group members actively participate. [API draft] The API document has been evolving in recent weeks in preparation for its first formal publication at the end of September. The chair noted that the TOC was now quite extensive, though perhaps an extra section on the deployment scenario would be useful (to explain the role and use of the context key). All of the group participants are being encouraged to contribute to the document. Comments will appear on the public list. [Other publications] The legacy documents (Landscape and Ecosystem) are being processed for publication. The few remained incomplete subsections, which have not attracted any comments, shall be removed as being unnecessary. What remains will form the final version of these documents. [UWA/DD] It is hoped that a joint call between DDWG and UWA can be arranged for some time in September to discuss common matters relating to the ontology. [Wiki] In an attempt to improve the presentation of the DDWG wiki, an experiment is underway to migrate the current pages to an alternative platform, while retaining the original URLs (as far as is technically possible). If successful, this might also be adopted by other groups. Attendees: Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Mike Smith (W3C) Matt Womer (W3C) Rodrigo Garcia (CTIC) Anders Ekstrand (Drutt) Pontus Carlsson (Drutt) Rafael Casero Escamilla (SATEC)
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