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Monday, August 13th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 6 August 2007

[Meeting Summary - 6 August 2007] API spec activity. CC/PP to be referenced. Publications on track. Joint meeting with UWA proposed. [API] Despite August being vacation month for many participants, the DD group will have one or two people actively working on the API document. The editors' drafts will continue to be visible to the public during the editing phase. A first version has already been released. The document will include informative references to related technologies/activities such as CC/PP and the OMA DPE. (Public contribution to the work of the editors is always welcome.) The context key was mentioned again, in light of recent discussions. The opaqueness of the key was reaffirmed, even to the point of not suggesting an underlying data type. This will be discussed in the API document. [Publications] Some technical work is ongoing to extract the material from the wiki in order to generate the final versions of the legacy documents to be published soon. As a byproduct of this work, the means of porting the wiki contents to a new wiki platform are at an advanced stage. Work on this task will resume in two weeks. [DD/UWA] It was suggested at a recent UWA meeting that a joint call with the DDWG would be useful. This will be investigated at the end of August with a view to an early September call. Furthermore, as there is no scheduling overlap for meetings in November, the possibility of a face-to-face meeting with UWA will also be investigated. The next two regular group meetings have been postponed. The regular weekly slot has been made available to the editors of the API during this time. Attendees: José Manuel Cantera Fonseca [Telefonica] Pontus Carlsson [Drutt] Rotan Hanrahan [MobileAware] Martin Jones [Volantis] Matt Womer [W3C] Bryan Sullivan [AT&T] Andrea Trasatti [dotMobi]
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