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Monday, February 26th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 26 Feb 2007

[Weekly conference call, 26 Feb 2007.] Top N mind map to be published this week. Message to OMA to be published this week. New IDL tool considered. Much activity on the wiki. Process for creating Core Vocabulary under construction. Details follow: [Top N] The group has determined that a mind map that resulted from a group meeting during Charter 1 is unencumbered by publication restrictions, and therefore may be published. A resolution passed by the group will see this map published on the wiki this week. [OMA] Following the resolution to release the Top N mind map, the group will now issue its formal response to the OMA. The two are related because the annex of the original OMA liaison statement referred to material that is indicated in the map. All materials will now be in the public domain. [IDL] A new tool has been identified. Details will appear on the wiki. It has been used by W3C as part of the DOM specifications. There are some issues with UTF-16 support, but Nacho and Rodrigo are looking into it. [Documents] Some of the Landscape document and all of the Ecosystem document are now on the wiki, and being updated in public. The Requirements document is expected to appear on the wiki soon. The wiki pages dealing with the Vocabulary are also updated, including new material on the process of adding to the core vocabulary. [Glossary] To ensure we continue to draw from a common pool of technical terms, the group will be making proposals for additions to the Device Independence Glossary. "Device Description" is a term being considered. [New Actions] (1) Andrea to create a page on the Wiki for the CoreVocabularyProcess and send an e-mail to the public list to draw some attention. (2) Kevin to update wikipedia reference to Device Description Repository. (3) Kevin to update wikipedia reference to Device Description Repository. (4) Rotan to move the Wiki help, sandbox and other Wiki-related topics in a new page linked from the homepage. [New Resolutions] The group has resolved to publish the mind map of the "Top N Properties" that resulted from work of the group during Charter 1. The image will appear on the wiki. [Attendees] Pontus Carlsson (Drutt) Rafael Casero (SATEC) Anders Ekstrand (Drutt) Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca (Telefónica) Rodrigo Garcia (CTIC) Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Martin Jones (Volantis) Cedric Kiss (W3C) Nacho Marin (CTIC) Eman Nkeze (Boeing) Jo Rabin (dotMobi) Kevin Smith (Vodafone)
Cédric Kiss

Monday, February 19th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 19 Feb 2007

[Weekly conference call, 19 Feb 2007.] DDWG agrees response to OMA. More IDL updates. Top N details now on wiki. Working Group Notes now appearing on wiki. Vocabulary process to be discussed. Group meeting for April agreed. Details follow. [OMA] The group has agreed a text to be delivered as an open email to the OMA, in response to the OMA's liaison statement to the group in September 2006. The statement will be copied to the public mailing list. [IDL] New material has been added to the IDL page on the DDWG wiki, and some observations and comments were circulated via the public mailing list. The group will hear from the originators of the IDL information at the next call, in order to make a decision about the possible use of an XML-based IDL tool, or other options. [Documents] The Landscape document will soon appear on the DDWG wiki. The Ecosystem document is already on the wiki. New material for the Core Vocabulary wiki entry was added this week. Placeholders for the API document will also be added. Some technical issues with the wiki system have been resolved. More material is expected to be added as authors get used to the new system. [Vocabulary process] There will be a discussion regarding the creation of the "contribution process" for the new vocabulary. The group must agree a process and publish that process, and then use that process to create/refine the core vocabulary. The discussion will be in public. [Meeting] The group has agreed to meet in April. Two days of intensive face-to-face discussions are anticipated, together with a half-day joint meeting with the MWI Best Practices Working Group. [Actions Completed] (ACTION-4) Response text to OMA agreed, (ACTION-1) Top N properties now in wiki form, (NO_ID) Internal policies on blogging clarified (group members write, but W3C do the actual publishing). [New Actions] (ACTION-5) Andrea to get permission for some charter 1 material to be made public, (ACTION-6) Cedric to agree blog category to enable DDWG appear in Mobile Planet, (ACTION-7) Rotan to provide feedback to other group members re moving W3C documents to the wiki. [Attendees] Pontus Carlsson (Drutt) Rafael Casero (SATEC) Anders Ekstrand (Drutt) Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Martin Jones (Volantis) Cedric Kiss (W3C) Eman Nkeze (Boeing) Kimmo Raatikainen (Univ. of Helsinki) Mike Smith (W3C) Andrea Trasatti (M:Metrics/WURFL)
Rotan Hanrahan

Thursday, February 15th 2007

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DDWG gets a make-over

This, the second week of February 2007, sees the W3C DDWG get a new look. As indicated in the group's second charter, the technical work of the group will now be conducted in public view. To this end, the group will have a public site, a public mailing list, a wiki in which group contributions can be seen (and to which the public can contribute via the mailing list) and a blog to report news from the group.

Rotan Hanrahan

Monday, February 12th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 12 Feb 2007

[Weekly conference call, 12 Feb 2007.] DDWG responding to OMA. Requirements to appear on wiki. TOC for API to commence mid March. IDL info now on wiki. Details follow:

[OMA] The DDWG received a liaison statement [1] from the OMA in 2006, near the end of its first charter period. This included commentary on the summary of a questionnaire. The document is in the public domain. Many of the items from that summary are included in the OMA liaison annex. Now that DDWG is again operating under a charter, it is appropriate for DDWG to send a formal reply to properly acknowledge the contribution from the OMA. This shall be done soon, and the reply will also be in the public domain.

[Requirements] The Requirements document will be concluded in the current charter. The group has decided to open a wiki article to include UML of the many use cases contained in the Requirements document. Contributions will be welcome.

[API TOC] The API document is a key element of the group charter. A table of contents (TOC) will be created one month from now, and the editors will be given responsibility for specific sections. This will give time to get some input from the updated Requirements document.

[Editors] Some editors are planning to transfer a lot of material to the wiki in order to evolve the material. Work on Structures will commence next month.

[IDL] The IDL section of the wiki now contains a lot more information. It includes a summary of the instances of IDL usage in W3C publications. It appears that OMG IDL is popular. The group will be seeking information from other W3C sources on the use of IDL and associated tools.

[New Actions] (1) Cedric to follow up on a request from Nacho regarding IDL tools in W3C. (2) Nacho to explain the information about IDL usage that he needs as input to his work on IDL. (3) Rotan to draft, with assistance, a formal response to the OMA Liaison Statement of September 2006.

[New Resolutions] (1) Editors to commence work on a Table of Contents for the API document in 4 weeks time.

[Attendees] Anders Ekstrand (Drutt)
Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca (Telefónica) Rodrigo Garcia (CTIC) Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Cedric Kiss (W3C) Nacho Marin (CTIC) Eman Nkeze (Boeing) Jo Rabin (dotMobi) Kimmo Raatikainen (Univ. of Helsinki) Kevin Smith (Vodafone)

Rotan Hanrahan

Monday, February 5th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 5 Feb 2007

[Weekly conference call, 5 Feb 2007.] DDWG launches new home page, wiki and more. Document editors appointed. Preparing for public launch this week. The text below is a brief summary of topics discussed. [Editors] There are six documents being produced by DDWG. All now have one or more editors appointed to oversee them. The details will appear on the wiki, and comments/contributions are welcome. [Public presence] We now have a page template. The home page will have links to the blog and wiki. The home page will try to be good for large and small (mobile) browsers, although adaptation will not be present. [IDL] Rodrigo Garcia outlines plans to set up an IDL page on the wiki, and populate with links, examples, tutorials and other material. Points out two main flavours: OMG IDL and MIDL, noting that OMG IDL is used in W3C specifications. [Top N Properties] The group has material from the previous charter outlining the main properties used by content adaptation specialists as revealed in a public questionnaire. DDWG proposes to put this information into the new wiki. A process for contributions to the vocabulary will be created by the editors. [New Actions] (1) Andrea Trasatti and Martin Jones to put the Top N Properties (from charter 1) onto the wiki as a seed for populating the vocabulary. (2) Cedric Kiss and Mike Smith to resolve Trackbot issues (a tool used in W3C to track Actions). (3) Cedric Kiss to ensure appropriate access rights granted to editors/contributors. (4) Martin Jones to obtain screenshots and related material on Protégé, previously presented by Rhys Lewis to the group. [Attendees] Pontus Carlsson (Drutt) Rafael Casero Escamilla (SATEC) Anders Ekstrand (Drutt) Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca (Telefónica) Rodrigo Garcia (CTIC) Rotan Hanrahan (MobileAware) Martin Jones (Volantis) Cedric Kiss (W3C) Eman Nkeze (Boeing) Luca Passani (Openwave) Jo Rabin (dotMobi) Mike Smith (W3C)
Rotan Hanrahan