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Mobile Web Application Best Practices on their way to becoming a standard — 25 October 2010

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices was published as a W3C Proposed Recommendation last week, and we are excited about it within the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, as the Proposed Recommendation step is the last one before publication as a final W3C Recommendation, and is basically synonymous with stable and implemented.

Indeed, over the last few months, we've been gathering implementation feedback for the specification and created an implementation report. We would like to thank the companies and individuals who helped us build this report!

No major change in this new version of the document, although a few clarifications have been made based on comments received:

The final review period for this Proposed Recommendation runs through 19 November 2010. It is more particularly directed at the W3C Membership, although other interested parties may send comments as well.

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Contacts: Daniel Appelquist, Jo Rabin, Chairs
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux and François Daoust, W3C Team Contacts