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Mobile Web Application Best Practices is a Candidate Recommendation — 11 February 2010

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices document has just been published as a W3C Candidate Recommendation. This publication means the working group believes that the document is stable and now encourages everyone to implement the Best Practices.

Are you developing Web applications that take into account some of the specificities of the mobile world and implement one or more of the Best Practices in this document? If yes, we need your implementation feedback! Please consider helping us by following the instructions in the implementation report template and tell us about your great Web applications!

The 35 Best Practices cover a wide range of use cases, grouped in 6 categories in the specification:

  • Application Data: appropriate technologies and techniques to use for managing a Web application's data.
  • Security and Privacy: use trusted information, and protect all personally identifiable information.
  • User Awareness and Control: allow the user to control application behaviour that might not otherwise be apparent.
  • Conservative use of resources: minimize use of device memory, processor power, and network bandwidth.
  • User Experience: special consideration to improve the user experience, given the additional complexities of interacting with an application on a mobile device.
  • Handling Variation in the Delivery Context: adapt to known or discoverable properties of the Delivery Context by adjusting the content, navigation or page flow.

Note that you do not need to implement a large number of Best Practices to provide feedback. The Best Practices are fairly independent one from another and the group expects Web applications to implement one, two, or a few Best Practices at a time.

Once we are able to produce an implementation report with evidence that the Best Practices are used in practice, the document should be able to exit the Candidate Recommendation phase and move forward on its way to a final W3C Recommendation.

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Comment from: Eyal Sela [Visitor] ·
The link to the implementation report is broken
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Comment from: Francois Daoust [Member]
Oops. I fixed it. Thanks Eyal!
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