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Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies open for review — 29 October 2009

More than a year ago, we, the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, published a Last Call of a document then called Content Transformation Guidelines, and invited the community to review the document. The document provides guidance to Content Transformation proxies as to whether and how to transform Web content.

Many comments were received. They triggered extensive discussions within the group. Finding the right balance between allowing proxies to alter content that would otherwise not display successfully on mobile devices and reducing side-effects such proxies may have on Web applications already designed for mobile devices is no easy task! Significant changes were brought to the document as a result and another Last Call was published a couple of weeks ago under the title Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies 1.0.

We think we have addressed and replied to all the comments, providing rationale when we have not incorporated the suggested changes. We deeply thank last year's commenters, and apologize for the time it took to address the comments!

Once again, we would like to invite the community at large (and in particular mobile Web authors who are impacted by the deployment of such transcoding proxies) to review and comment the document. The Status of This Document section contains a list of the changes made in response to user feedback.

The Last Call review period ends on 6 November 2009. Comments should be sent to the public mailing-list (with public archives).

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